Pat Blute is focused on building more engaging digital infrastructure for sustainability. He is an advisor to the Global Digital team at EY with a focus on digital growth strategy and transformation impacting industries at EY wavespace as well as organizing corporate challenges and startup presentations for Innovation Realized, a conference designed for global leaders to embrace disruption.

Pat has had an extensive career in content and events for the tech industry bringing collaborations to startups like custom hold music for Switch Communications with Postmodern Jukebox and leading off-the-beaten-path venture conferences and events for the Webb Investment Network. He also is a host for Silicon Valley Bank’s Trek, inspiring college-aged entrepreneurs to excel as creative entrepreneurs.

Pat started as a professional videographer and marketer producing content for travel clients such as National Geographic, JetBlue, and Cape Air.  He is an investor in the performing arts on shows such as Hundred Days, a Coca-Cola Scholar, and an alumni of Apples and Oranges Studios #TheatreAccelerator.  He has written and produced several musicals including Spears: The Gospel According to Britney, which tells the entire life of Jesus to Britney Spears’ discography, and South of Market: The Musical, an annual revue attracting over 6,000 techies to roast Silicon Valley’s tech culture.

Pat grew up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts and his high school now sits as an artificial reef at the bottom of the ocean. During his valedictory address, Pat had to Skype in while on assignment as a global travel show host before studying at Columbia University. He currently lives in New York.